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Our meetings typically begin around 6:00 pm, check our Facebook for updates on the time!


EcoRobeson is an alliance of Robeson County individuals and organizations working to protect and promote the health and environment of residents

Monthly Meetings occur on the SECOND THURSDAY of each month at the Healing Lodge in Pembroke located at 450 Prospect Road



DONATE today through paypal by using the email ecorobeson@gmail.com


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New Report on ACP Blast Zones

Check out this new report on the Blast Zones in NC associated with the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. These areas are close to the pipeline corridor, are within the incineration zone, and contain a large number of residents/homes. Check out the full report here: http://www.cwfnc.org/documents/High-Consequence-Areas-Blast-Zones-Public-Safety-along-the-ACP.pdf Here are the images of the Blast Zones in Robeson County … Continue reading New Report on ACP Blast Zones

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