Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFO’s) are a huge health and environmental problem in eastern, North Carolina. The smell of these operations is also unbearable.

These operations store their runoff in lagoons which leak into the ground and can contaminate ground water, nearby well water and the soil.

These companies from time-to-time also spray this runoff into the air or on fields. In the past the sprayings of this runoff has hit the homes of locals. Some locals report not hanging their clothes outside for the fear of them getting sprayed with runoff.

We do not want Robeson County to end up like Duplin or Sampson Counties in terms of widespread CAFO’s, contamination and companies moving in to expand. We need to let these companies know that WE DO NOT WANT ANYMORE CAFO’s, and that they need to clean up the mess they’ve already made.

Fact: Did you know eastern N.C. is the hog capital of the United States?