CAFO’s Cause Health Harm

They plan to pipe hog waste underground in Duplin and Sampson Counties. Let’s hope Robeson County doesn’t see the same fate, but we know they have their eyes on our county.

You may wonder why these companies put so many CAFO’s in the eastern part of the state? It’s because our land is inexpensive and corporations and companies don’t think our people have the capacity to fight back.

They take advantage of the fact that we’re rural communities. Urban areas in our state would never allow projects like these.

We the people deserve public hearings and notification on projects like these – in more than just the paper! These companies do the bare minimum in regards to communication because the truth is they don’t want you to get involved and ask questions.

When you get involved, it stalls their projects.

Getting involved and knowing all the details on any proposed project is your right! Don’t let these companies forget that.

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