Now is the time to get involved!

You scroll through social media and you hear about the pipeline coming through the community, the smell from the chicken farms and people afraid to drink their well water, then the liquified natural gas facility, and it makes you angry.

Now is the time to get involved.

We need you in person, attending meetings, telling your friends, family, church about what all is happening in the county. Because it doesn’t stop here.

Many thought, oh it will stop with the chicken farms, then the pipelines years ago, then the spraying from Campbell Soup, now the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, oh it must be over. But now they’re planning not only an extension to the pipeline, but also a Liquified Natural Gas Facility, which by the way, these facilities are extremely dangerous.

You think this is the end? It’s not. The more we allow, the more that will try to come.

Put your foot down now. Because the only people that can stop this is us.

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