CAFO’s Cause Health Harm

They plan to pipe hog waste underground in Duplin and Sampson Counties. Let’s hope Robeson County doesn’t see the same fate, but we know they have their eyes on our county.

You may wonder why these companies put so many CAFO’s in the eastern part of the state? It’s because our land is inexpensive and corporations and companies don’t think our people have the capacity to fight back.

They take advantage of the fact that we’re rural communities. Urban areas in our state would never allow projects like these.

We the people deserve public hearings and notification on projects like these – in more than just the paper! These companies do the bare minimum in regards to communication because the truth is they don’t want you to get involved and ask questions.

When you get involved, it stalls their projects.

Getting involved and knowing all the details on any proposed project is your right! Don’t let these companies forget that.

Now is the time to get involved!

You scroll through social media and you hear about the pipeline coming through the community, the smell from the chicken farms and people afraid to drink their well water, then the liquified natural gas facility, and it makes you angry.

Now is the time to get involved.

We need you in person, attending meetings, telling your friends, family, church about what all is happening in the county. Because it doesn’t stop here.

Many thought, oh it will stop with the chicken farms, then the pipelines years ago, then the spraying from Campbell Soup, now the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, oh it must be over. But now they’re planning not only an extension to the pipeline, but also a Liquified Natural Gas Facility, which by the way, these facilities are extremely dangerous.

You think this is the end? It’s not. The more we allow, the more that will try to come.

Put your foot down now. Because the only people that can stop this is us.

New Report on ACP Blast Zones

Check out this new report on the Blast Zones in NC associated with the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline. These areas are close to the pipeline corridor, are within the incineration zone, and contain a large number of residents/homes.

Check out the full report here:

Here are the images of the Blast Zones in Robeson County (there are 6 altogether).

Blast Zone Saint Pauls

Blast Zone Saint Pauls 2

Blast Zone Saint Pauls 3

Blast Zone 4 Townsend Chapel Rd

Blast Zone 5 Whistling Rufus Rd

Blast Zone 6 Cozy Corner

Ain’t No Need For the ACP

It’s true, there ain’t no need for the ACP!


NC can get the natural gas it needs through the existing Transco Pipeline.

Why build the ACP?

The corporate owners of the ACP (Duke Energy and Dominion) will get up to a 14% profit on this over 5.1 BILLION dollar project.

Who’s paying for the ACP?

We are. Yep. Our Duke Energy electric bills will be raised to pay for the pipeline, on top of other increases. Many in Robeson County already can’t afford their electric bills, so why build the pipeline?

The corporate owners of pipelines see these projects as guaranteed profit for years to come. 

It’s all about $$$.



Prayer Walk: Stop the ACP

This past weekend EcoRobeson held a prayer walk in Pembroke, NC. The purpose of this prayer walk was to bring awareness to the Pembroke and Prospect communities that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, a 36-42 inch highly pressurized, natural gas pipeline will end at the metering station in Prospect at the corner of Prospect Rd and Highway 710.

There are already 2 existing natural gas lines connected to the metering station in Prospect. If the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is installed as planned, an accident at this metering station could be fatal to those in the immediate vicinity as there are several homes within several hundred feet of the pipelines that house children and elders. An incident in Pennsylvania in 2016 that included 4 gas lines resulted in a huge fire, and damage to houses up to a half a mile away. To learn more about the incident in Pennsylvania, look here.

The walk in Pembroke was only one out of three walks happening that day in NC; the other two walks happened in Fayetteville and Rocky Mount. Folks who marched were from many different backgrounds, ages, beliefs etc. We were so happy to be escorted on our walk by the Pembroke police, as well as Redrum Motorcycle Club.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, and encourage all who would like to get involved or learn more information to email us at and/or follow us on Facebook under “EcoRobeson.”