Atlantic Coast Pipeline Information

ACP Handout, EcoRobeson

Key concerns in Robeson County about ACP:

  • If the ACP is built, our Duke Energy electric bills will increase (this includes electric co ops in Robeson County which purchase their electricity through Duke Energy).
  • ACP corporate owners (Duke Energy and Dominion) are already threatening eminent domain on elderly folks, farmers and residents in Robeson County.
  • The ACP will run through Saint Pauls, Red Springs, Pembroke and end in Prospect, it will also impact many other small communities and historical wetlands.
  • The ACP will enter in NC through Northampton County, and will go through Halifax, Wilson, Nash, Johnston, Sampson, Cumberland and end in Robeson County at the intersection of HWY 710 & Prospect Rd. Check the map here.
  • We do not think our local communities have enough resources to control an explosion, leakage, or accident that could cause loss of life.
  • While the county will get tax revenue off the project, landowners will have to pay taxes on land they cannot use, cannot develop their land the way they want, will have to pay out of pocket for an “industrial” insurance policy instead of “residential” one, and could have their land condemned if they do not allow an easement onto their property.
  • Landowners say they are not getting paid the full value of their property, one Cumberland County landowner said the company offered him $35,000 when his land is worth close to a half million.
  • When natural gas runs out (it’s already in the decline), the pipeline companies can put ANYTHING THEY WANT IN THE ACP, which could be oil, gasoline, waste, or any other product.
  • The pipeline companies will make up to a 14% profit on their over 5.1 BILLION DOLLAR PIPELINE, while we pay for that through increased energy bills that many in Robeson County ALREADY CANNOT AFFORD.
  • THIS PIPELINE IS NOT EVEN NEEDED. The pipeline companies want to build this pipeline for the guaranteed $$$, THEY GET PAID REGARDLESS OF IF THE PIPELINE IS EVER USED. NC can get the natural gas it needs through the existing Transco Pipeline.
  • #NoNeedForTheACP